[1] Organic Growth on Instagram

Increase your reach and invite followers organically to your Instagram with automatic niche specific engagement pods. Save time, go viral and increase your reach with niche specific likes and comments.

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[2] Get Likes From Accounts Within Your Niche

Imagine getting likes and comments from accounts that are in the same niche as you, all done automatically as soon as you make a new post. InfiniCore brings niche specific accounts together, so they can exchange their followers and grow viral.

[3] The Most Secure Platform

2 very important factors that adds up to InfiniCore's security: 1) we do not store your Instagram Password and 2) we use a distributed server system.

[4] Get More Account Visits by Using The Correct Hashtags

[Comming Soon] By using the correct hashtags, you will achieve a greater reach and more traffic to your account. A typical strategic hashtag analysis (e.g. calculating averages) takes 6-8 hours. With InfiniCore, the total time is reduced to max 30 min.

[5] Know Exactly How to Fine Tune Your Growth

[Comming Soon] InfiniCore gives you an indicative overview of your Trust Score, Engagement Score and other statistics to help improve your reach and become one of Instagram's most favorite accounts.

Ultimate Social Media Growth

Our vision is to become your no. 1 tool to go viral on Instagram.